Working and living safely

Safety awareness in our working and living environment is on the rise, leading to an increasing focus on creating and maintaining a safe living and working environment.

Building functions

Buildings have many functions, often simultaneously, growing with the needs and demands of society. And the demands placed on buildings are constantly changing. It is no longer just about a clean safe construction, but also about sustainable use of energy, use of healthy and sustainable materials, circularity and well-being.

Working and living safely

Laws and regulation

Dealing with all these requirements or keeping an overview is not easy. There are many things to consider. Consider laws and regulations that relate to a building such as building codes. There are also sustainability requirements, such as mandatory energy labels or safety requirements, for example in terms of hazardous substances and fire safety. And there are several standards and certifications that set requirements in terms of well-being and comfort. When you have work done, you must also take into account environmental regulations and health and safety legislation.


With our own professionals (inspectors and consultants and subject specialists) and decades of experience, we are specialists in working and staying safe. Every day we inspect and advise a large group of clients, including property owners, contractors, government agencies, housing corporations and industry. We collect facts and translate them into reports that provide insight. We follow new developments closely and provide a tailored approach.

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